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              नज़ारा मेरे पहाड़ का ऐसा,
             जिसे देखना चाहे ज़माना सारा
             स्वाद मेरी पहाड़ी थाली का ऐसा,
             जिसे चखना चाहे ज़माना सारा

Let me tell you why everyone should try Pahadi food atleast once. Uttarakhand is a very rich state in culture and heritage. People living here are called pahadi.
Pahadi word originate from the word pahad which means hills and mountains.
Traditional food of Uttarakhand is known as Pahadi food. Pahadi food is the heart of Uttarakhand which is quite distinct from the food of other states.
The food is healthy, highly nutritious and is prepared using minimal ingredients which are easily available at home.

Whenever you visit Uttarakhand, please do try our traditional food.
Now I'll discuss about Pahadi Thali which I recently had at Moksh Venture, which is located at Raipur Chowk, Dehradun.

Before I proceed with the details I must name the dishes plated are:
• मंडुवे की रोटी
• खटाई
• पहाड़ी सालाद
• लाल चावल
• हरी भुज्जी
• आलू के गुटके
• भट्ट के डूबके
• चैंस
• पहाड़ी मिक्स दाल
• भूटवा
• भंगजीर की चटनी
• भांग की चटनी
• तिल की चटनी
• पहाड़ी रायता
• झंगोरा की खीर
• अरसे
• गुलगुले

मंडुवे की रोटी: Roti is prepared with mandua flour aka finger millet. It is known for its nutritional values. Now it's popular in urban kitchens too. Read more for full recipe.

पहाड़ी खटाई: It is prepared with pahadi orange and curd. Homemade pahadi salt known as pisyun loon is used to make it more delicious.

पहाड़ी सलाद: It is prepared with pahadi cucumber, carrot and radish with the salt and coriander leaves dressing.

लाल चावल: Streamed rice is cooked red rice which are grown in high rises of Uttarakhand and are highly nutritious.

हरी भुज्जी: This dish is cooked with green leafy vegetables from hilly region. It is chopped and cooked in an iron pot.

आलू के गुटके: Aloo ke gutke is a famous dish in Uttarakhand. It is made from boiled potatoes and used as snacks & side dish with flat bread and rice.

भट्ट के डुबके: This dish is cooked in an iron pot and prepared using different local pulses like bhatt, gehat and moong.Read more for full recipe.

चैंस: It is a popular dish of hilly region. It is made with black gram which are dry roasted and grind to powder form. Then chains/ chainsoo is prepared and eaten with rice.

पहाड़ी मिक्स दाल: It is a delicious dal made with rajma and gehat. It's famous and mostly cooked dal in hilly region.

भुट्टवा: It is a pahadi style mutton curry.

भंगजीर की चटनी: This tasty chutney is prepared with bhangjeera seed and flavoured with lemon juice.

भांग की चटनी: This chutney is prepared with bhang seeds aka hemp seeds.

तिल की चटनी: This chutney is prepared with sesame seeds.

पहाड़ी रायता: This delicious raita is prepared with pahadi cucumber and curd. Pahadi pisyun loon make it more delicious and flavorful.

झांगोरा की खीर: It is a sweet dish from the hilly regions of Uttarakhand. It is prepared with finger millet aka jhangora and served hot with ghee. Read more for full recipe

अरसे: It is a famous delicacies of Uttarakhand prepared with soaked rice. No occasion and festival is complete without arsa.

गुलगुले: It is a traditional delicacy prepared with flour paste. These are also known as mini donuts.

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